From £52.43

Blackout Roller Blinds Extra wide

Ideal for bedrooms, tv rooms or any room that gets a lot of sunshine. Our blackout materials are perfect for those rooms where you want to block the majority of light.

All of our made to measure blackout roller blinds are supplied with a metal chain as standard at no extra cost.

Moonlight (BO XW)

Almond (BO XW)

Moonlight Cream (BO XW)

Natural Twine (BO XW)

On Deck (BO XW)

Silver Birch (BO XW)

Delicious Fern (BO XW)

Clara (BO XW)

Summer Tide (BO XW)

Misty Grey (BO XW)

Flintstone (BO XW)

Hot Gossip (BO XW)